Wednesday, March 12, 2008

1096 days

Today is my 3 year wedding anniversary. Doesn't that seem crazy?? Wow. It's been an amazing 3 years though. I had a cute little Hallmark card in my car this morning from him and i found one in my purse yesterday that said "Happy 2 364/365 aniversary!" Only a former math teacher can bring fractions into everyday occasions.

Today he's driving over from his office to meet me for Chinese food at lunch, which is sweet because i's not necessarily a convenient distance for us to eat together. He's in charge of the main celebration event this year (we take turns: odd numbered years are his, even numbers are mine) on the 22nd, and I have no idea what he has in store but I know he's excited about it so we'll see. It was supposed to be this weekend but I am picking up Heather from the airport after she returns from her week-long "honeymoon" in California, so that kind of put a damper on we rescheduled for next weekend.

Mainly today i just wanted to say I love you honey, and I look forward to thousands of days with you.


Sherri said...

aw, how sweet. yep, only a math teacher! but how cool is that card.

TammyB said...

Happy Anniversary!