Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol Bog 4 - the Top 12.

I will be the first to admit I was worried this week when I heard the Idols were singing Beatles tunes. I know Heather was worried; she is the ultimate Beatles fan. In all I wasn’t too disappointed, however in true Idol form there were some amazingly horrible performances that left me LMBO.

Syesha went first and sang some song I’ve never heard of (sorry Heather) and I was blah and totally forgettable. By the end of the show I had even forgotten she was there. Michael Johns sang something and it was boring and he didn’t do anything interesting with the song at all. He’s got an accent though, so I still voted for him….just not as much as other people. Ramiele was equally as boring…I’m sick of this chick singing ballads. Does she know anything else? Oh wait, no, if she sings a ballad she’ll embarrass the fool out of herself like our precious little Angel Archuletta.

How amazing was his screw-up performance?? He forgot 2 entire lines of the song, sang some stuff off-key, tried to throw in some runs to cover his rear, and even sang different words than the back-up singers at one point.
Despite it all Randy was pretty kind to him. He just babbled on how it was “just aw-ight” and whatever. You know, if any other person had royally screwed up like that, Randy would have ripped them a new one, but Achuletta? Nope….he just basically patted him on the back and said “better luck next time”. Geez…they might as well release the confetti now on this kid, the producers want him to win so freakin’ bad. The other Producer Darling Carly probably did ok, but she’s so full of it and lies far too much for me to even comment on it. VFTW did another great article about her that I read yesterday. You should go read it.

Chikezie was exciting and hopped around a lot, and I suppose his performance was pretty good…he’s just not my thing. I did enjoy Ryan running around the stage after it though and working up a sweat, although I was completely disgusted by him grabbing Chikezie’s sweaty head with his bare hands. Gross.

I didn’t like David Cook’s “Eleanor Rigby” for the first 10 seconds, but it kind of grew on me and by the end I thought it was pretty cool. Jason Castro performed the same song he has sang the past 3 weeks…oh wait, no, it had different words, but the performance aspect is the same so it’s getting kind of old. But I still vote for him because he’s local. I’m loyal. Brooke busted out another cool performance at the piano, and in case we were unsure of her emotional attachment to her songs she cried when it was over. At least the stylists pulled her awful air back and made it look actually pretty this week.

David Hernandez said he used to work in a pizza bistro, which I guess is code for gay strip club. He’s ruined a Beatles song and made himself look stupid in a skinny little tie. I dislike him incredibly. Amanda RockChick screamed out another sing this week, like every week, and I’m way over her at this point. She had some massive extensions added to her hair this week. That’s the only thing that was new.

The best, most awesomely fantastic-horrible performance of the night was Kristy Lee Cook. She twanged out to “Eight Days a Week” and I’m pretty sure John Lennon turned over in his grave. Banjos and hay bales…it was terrible. She was off-key and behind the music the entire song…and it was greatness. I laughed so hard I nearly cried. Poor girl; will she ever be able to show her face again? Ha ha – thank goodness for YouTube. Every time I need a laugh, I’m going to go watch that performance.

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{S} said...

ahhhh, I feel so much better now. I've so so hoping you'd blog your butt off about AI last night. You said it all, got it all, and I couldn't agree more unless I said it all myself. I backed up and watched little Davey mess up three or four times. It was fun. :~)
I said the exact same thing about David Cook. It totally took me by surprise that I could warm up to him.. I still hate his hair.
Nest week is make over week, so there is hope!!
Happy Anniversary!!