Monday, March 3, 2008

Beginning the countdown again

I should be screaming my head off at the American Airlines Center right now, or possibly walking out to my car with my ears ringing. I should be pumped up and so excited about the great show I just saw. Instead I am sitting in my office, already in my pj's because Van Halen postponed their show tonight. Apparently Eddie had some "issues" to take care of....I'm guessing that's a fancy word for rehab? At least they didn't totally cancel...that would have been much worse. Now we just have to wait until April 24th to see them and hope that none of them die before then.

Saturday we took my little brother to the park and played for a while as well as hiked on some walking trails for over an hour. Today it's sleeting and snowing. Go figure. That's Texas for you.


fuzzywhitedogs said...

I wonder if his "issues" have anything to do with the way Valerie Bertanelli's (sp?) book just came out & she's been on Oprah & all the morning shows telling all their deep dark secrets?

{S} said...

OOH, harsh!! "Apparently" Eddie is clean, having gone through rehab before this tour started, and one of the reasons why Valerie agreed to allow Wolfgang participate. Eddie has had cancer in the past and also hip, back and knee injuries. I just hope whatever the issues are that they will be resolved and they will continue to make music.

Jen Hoover said...

ROFLOL!!! my comment is.... no comment ;)