Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Calgon, take me away.

Remember those commcerials? Do they even still make Calgon?

I think I might have to stop reading the news. While I’m sitting here at work with nothing better to do this morning, I have been reading through news articles on CNN. I’m not bored, but now I’m depressed and shocked at the kind of world I live in. I just finished reading a short article about an infant that is being cared for in the hospital after officials discovered she had been beaten with a fist, burned, and drugged with some medication similar to Xanax. This was after I read about the 6 people found in Memphis that had been shot and stabbed, and before that I was reading about the 16-year-old in Alba, Texas that plotted with her 20-year-old boyfriend to kill her family because her parents told her she had to break up with him.
Police: Teens shot zoo animals
Police: Two steal dog for ransom
Cops: Baby beaten, burned, drugged
Police say impaired man killed mom
Girl locked in home after mom slain
Police: Man holds dad against his will
Lottery official sentenced for scam
Child at funeral falls into pond, dies
Six killed, including 2 children, in home

These are just some of the U.S. headlines right now on CNN. If I’m not reading about that, then I’m pretty much forced to read about the election and I need a little politic-free time. I’m kind of burnt out on things for the moment. I did my part, I cast my vote, and now I want some peace until at least September.

Maybe I should just stick to playing solitaire when I’m bored.


{S} said...

I totally agree with you. It's sad, disgusting and terrifying what our "neighbors" are doing or plotting to do. I just told Geo the other night, that I was deleting the local news headlines from my home page, because I couldn't stand to constantly see the horrible things going on around us.
If this makes me ignorant so be it, at least I won't feel depressed all day.

Jen Hoover said...

good glory!! that is horrible! :(

sigh... the only thing I watch the news for these day is for the weather report!

OH and btw -you can HAVE THE SNOW! it was almost all melted and then another storm blew in and it's been snowing and raining ice since 6pm'ish last night :( YUCK!
oh and the "pond" we were skating on, is just a patch of grass that the 'city' floods... not an actual pond ;) and it's bumpy as HECK to skate on!