Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Friday, yay!

This weekend we are celebrating my sweetie’s birthday. He is turning 27 (baby) on April 1. Our destination this weekend is a secret to him, although he was allowed to pick the restaurant we are eating at before the event, so we’re going to Chan’s Mongolian before we go out. I love Chan’s…it’s such goodness. I’ll have to behave on my food before dinner because it’s not exactly diet-friendly. I think the basic idea is to pile as much food as humanly possible in a bowl and then force yourself to finish it all because it’s just so good. Love it. I’ll have to tell you where we went after the fact because he reads my blog.

A little American Idol aside: I feel the need to point out that David Cook isn’t the “originality king” everyone is exclaiming he is. I won’t take away from the fact that he rocked “Billie Jean” the other night, but just so you know, that wasn’t his original version of the song. That version was in fact performed by Chris Cornell first, and you can hear it if you search on YouTube. Also, his version of “Eleanor Rigby” was the Doxology rock version…and before that he sang the Incubus version of “Hello”. He rocked them out, but original might be stretching it. Maybe he’s just a great Google-r and has found all the really cool versions of songs that we never knew were out there until someone threw them onto AI. At any rate, I felt the need to clear the air. Thank you Votefortheworst. Although you got on my nerves really bad last season, this year you are proving to be quite helpful.

I bought new jeans last night – down 2 sizes from where I started. Woo-hoo. That’s a great feat, but I won’t get too excited because frankly, jeans are a crap-shoot. You can be one size in Levi’s and a totally different size in Avenue. All at the same time…so to say I’ve gone down 2 sizes is a bit misleading since these aren’t the same band jeans I’ve always bought, however it still sounds good and makes me happy. I have discovered though that losing weight is causing some fine lines on my face to come creeping out that were hidden by a thin layer of fatty tissue…..and this is depressing. I don’t want to be overweight just to not have lines, however I don’t want to look better overall but now my face looks older.

I know, most of you friends who are “more experienced” than myself in life are probably thinking that I’m full of it since technically I look younger than my actual years. But come on- don’t you remember when you first discovered a line on your face that used to not be there??? It’s traumatic. I never gave much thought to those anti-aging cream commercials before now…and the other day I actually caught myself trying to remember the name of one of them I heard about on the radio the other day. You know what I did in the bathroom mirror???? I actually leaned close to the mirror and pulled up on the skin at my hairline!!! Just to smooth out a section of my forehead! Oh the horror. I need to get me some Oil of Olay.

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