Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol Top 10

So there is some talent....I was beginning to wonder. We’ve been told, how many times?, that this is the "most talented top fill-in-the-blank ever". I haven’t believed it...but tonight I am starting to see it.

The night began with Ramiele singing a song that should be banned from all future Idol performances. I love Heart, and I love the song "Alone", but please don’t let anyone else sing it ever again. Ramiele tried...I guess, but all she ended up doing was screaming and looking ridiculous in high-waisted shorts. Apparently she thought she was supposed to pick an outfit from the year of her birth as well as the song.

Jason Castro did his usual schtick, which is to act stoned and pretend that he’s only there because of a dare and he really doesn’t care if he goes home or not - he’s just enjoying all the shiny lights. He’s cute though so I suspect he’ll stick around. His song wasn’t bad either. Syesha proved for the second week in a row that she can sing and I really liked her performance. I thought Chikezie sang well too, but I do agree with the judges that he sounded like he was 44 instead of 23. Even though Fun Chikezie sometimes brings banjos, he’s better than Luther Chikezie.

Brooke’s hair looked phenomenal tonight and her song was really good. I would have liked for the band to have stayed away too and just let her do her thing solo, but it wasn’t all bad. Michael Johns finally got the memo that he’s actually on American Idol and rocked out some Queen tonight. I’ll skip to the last perofrmance now to tell you that I’ve figured out why David Cook has a comb-over - dude has the biggest freakin’ head ever! Did you see his baby shots?? Wow. Makes sense now. Regardless, he rocked Chris Cornell’s version of Billie Jean and I loved it.

Now for the awkward parts, which really are entertaining. Carly, dear Irish Carly, she was terrible tonight. It was great. She looked completely uncomfortable, probably because she realized how bad her outfit looked on camera, and she finished her last note by literally squatting on stage. No one should ever squat on stage, let alone someone belting out an out-of-tune power note. You just don’t know what could happen.

David Archuletta began the send-your-money-now segment of the program by singing some feel-good-charity-event song. I don’t remember what it was called but I kept waiting on Ryan to pop in to tell us where to send our money. Did Idol Gives Back start already?? I thought Simon’s feeling about needing "animated creatures" dancing around while he sang was brilliant. The kid was born in 1990- hello? You couldn’t pick something better to sing than that??

Kristy Lee continued the fund-raising activities by singing "God Bless the USA". I’m not even kidding. If I were kidding, that would be funny, but she actually sang that on TV in front of millions of people. She hit several bad notes and for some reason the judges loved it. I also think her eyes are too small for her head. There’s something wrong with her face; I can’t quite put my finger on it but it has to do with her eyes.

Let’s take a moment to discuss Paula’s outfit, because it needs to be discussed. She had on black leather, elbow length, open fingered gloves. Black leather, elbow length, open fingered gloves with jewelry on top. She wasn’t even going to a biker rally afterwards; not that I know of. They were terribly distracting, and at the end of the show she was holding them in front of her neck while she was talking, which I think was her hands trying to strangle her for making them wear that.


Laurie said...

I don't watch AI but your description of Paula's outfit has me CRACKIN UP!!!!

Sherri said...

I so missed it last night so glad to read about it. I'm glad Syeshia and Micheal did good cause they are still my favs. I thought I had my recorder set, but apparently not. Oh well. I'm guess Ramielle will go home even without seeing the show.

fuzzywhitedogs said...

OMG this cracked me up! Love the part about not squatting on-stage while singing a bad note. Her song was ok until she did that! I don't see how she can be an American Idol though since she isn't American. Go figure..

David Cook's rendition of "Billie Jean" was amazing! I think I will download it from i-tunes. It actually took a line or two before I realized what song it was! Very original & VERY good!