Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Idol Gives Back

It's that time again. Idol is raising money and tonight everyone had to sing an inspirational song. It wasn't a terrible night - at least I found it more interesting than last week's show.

Michael Johns started the show and there must have been some freak accident because after his got his hair fixed, a large mammal sat on the side of his head and smushed his hair flat. I've never seen such a weird hair style. He did a total karaoke Aerosmith song and even included the Steven-Tyler-Scream at the end. Ew.

Syesha sang Fantasia and no one really cared. It was pleasant and all, but she ruined it by going Mariah Carey on one of the last notes. Don't ever do that. Kristy Lee Cook sang "Anyway" by Martina McBride, which is a really beautiful song. I found it totally ironic because typically after Kristy sings, that's what I find myself saying: "Anyway....."

Jason Castro won the night for me and sang that weird Hawaiian dude version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow which has always kind of bothered me simply because the words are rearranged, but he did awesome and I think this was his best ever. Brooke wore a dress tonight straight out of Moo-moos 'R Us and did ok. It was pleasant and cheerful but not amazing and I still think she needs to keep her hind end either behind the piano or a guitar. She just looks uncomfortable without it. Also...what is with her facial expressions? Have you ever lost a loved one and people come up to you with that look on their face and say "How are you sweetie? Are you holding up ok?" You know the look? No? Then go back and watch Brooke's face when the judges were talking to her...because that's the look.

David Cook....ah the Rock Dude who could do no wrong did wrong. What on earth was that song? It was horrible and just all around stunk. I'm voting a lot for him tonight because I fear he's in danger and I don't think he sang bad on purpose - I think it's all Idol Gives Back's fault for making him choose a song like that.

Carly dressed like a trailer park hooch on her way to Wal-Mart tonight. Seriously, does she have to wear sleeveless tops every single week? Carly, you have a big huge tattoo on your arm. We get it. We didn't care before and we don't care now. Wear something a) pretty and b) with sleeves. David Licky-loo sang something and sounded bad and is ridiculously over-pimped, and in typical Archuletta fashion Randy screamed that it was the bomb and everyone else fell all over themselves trying to compliment his bad performance as if he was the first boy on earth to ever sing a song. Whatever.

Ok, time to stop typing and start voting.

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