Friday, April 11, 2008

Sing with me: "If you're going to San Francisco...."

" sure to wear flowers in your hair."
I cannot get that song out of my head!

Remember back in December when I told you about the awesome luxury vacation my dear husband won on the radio? Well today we booked the trip!! Originally the vacay was for Napa Valley, which is all good and fine, but we don't drink so we weren't totally enthusiastic about wineries and wine tastings, etc. not that Napa isn't gorgeous, etc, but I thought we'd have more fun elsewhere but weren't sure if our vacay package allowed for that. Turns out, it did. we had a few choices we could make, but I didn't really want to do Phoenix and certainly not Orlando, so hello San Francisco!

When we were still going to Napa we decided we were going to pay for an extra night (cheap) hotel in SF and do some sight-seeing. Now, we just get to stay there, AND our trip included enough $$ that we get to stay 4 nights instead of 3!! We're staying at The Argonaut, which is super fancy and right in Fisherman's Wharf. OMG. I'm SOOOO excited. I've already got some much stuff planned out.

Someone's even meeting us at baggage claim with a sign that has our names on it!!! I've ALWAYS wanted someone to do that. I am truly a nerd.

Get this...originally they told us we'd have to pay the taxes on the airfare and the hotel, which is fine considering that is pretty standard for free trips. We were told that would end up being approximately $500-ish. Again, NP, we already had that much saved for this trip. Today when Nick called to book it, he was told that all had had to pay was $182. That's it! NOTHING ELSE!! So NOW we have all the money that we had originally saved for taxes to use on our trip minus $182. I'm so excited!!!!

Only 157 days!!!!


Laurie said...

WOW!!! that's awesome!! I can't wait to hear all about it! SF is on my list of places to go!!

{S} said...

That just Rocks!! You'll have so much fun!!