Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yeah, so I went to a concert with Tony Romo.

Don't you just love it when you go somewhere and someone famous is there?? (Besides the famous people that are supposed to be there.) We're at the Bon Jovi/Daughtry concert on Monday night and suddenly Jon (we're on a first name basis) starts talking about football and decides to point out to the crowd that Jason Whitten and Tony Romo were there. They showed them on the big screen. Cool. I will say that they had much better seats than we did, however we only paid $40 each for ours (they were $65 seats but we bought them off a friend) so I'm not complaining. Plus it gives me a great story...kind of like the time I went to Medieval Times with Michael Cera. (You'll have to scroll back through the archives to January '08 for that story.)

Bon Jovi allows photography at their shows...that's part of what makes them so cool. I made my husband go by the house on his way to pick me up from work to go to the show and pick up my camera...which he promptly left on the back seat of his car once he got into my car. By the time I noticed we were too far down the road. I don't wish to discuss it even further because it just brings back the sick feeling to my stomach that I got when I realized I would have no photos of Jon or Chris to share with you. My friend Rochelle went with us and she had her camera, but seriously, it was like 2 steps up from a cell phone camera and was pretty much useless. This makes the second time I've seen Bon Jovi without a camera. I pledge now to never let this happen again. End of subject.

Before I discuss the greatness that is Bon Jovi and Daughtry live, someone asked me Daughtry was and I need to take a moment to explain that he was a contestant on American Idol on a previous season, was voted off, and then went on to form a band that totally he's really cute.

Daughtry played for about an hour and they did all their hits, which was great. He's pretty good live, although they tend to keep their instruments turned up too loud so at times it was difficult to hear the words. They also ended with "Shine" which is my least favorite song on the album and the one I tend to skip. Overall I'll not complain though. Good show.

Bon Jovi, well, what can be said?? They played for 2 hours and it was filled with old stuff, new stuff, some stuff that isn't even theirs! Jon changed shirts 3 times and Richie changed at least twice. At one point Jon was in the middle of the audience on a platform singing and even pulled a chick out of the crowd, danced with her for a minute or so, and then kissed her on the lips. *swoon* It was a cool moment. When we saw them back in 2006 he did the same thing. Very cool. Who can complain about singing "Livin' on a prayer", "Blaze of Glory", or "Dead or Alive" with Jon Bon Jovi, live, and thousands of other fans??? It's greatness. I love them...and I will go see them a third time if they come through Dallas again, and this time I WILL HAVE MY CAMERA.

The night before this show Bruce Springsteen was at the AAC. Some good friends of ours went and they said that in the middle of the concert Jon Bon Jovi came out on stage and sang "Glory Days" with Bruce. Pretty cool if you ask me. I think it would have been cooler if Bruce had returned the favor, but he was not to be found. Also, Daughtry didn't get to sing with Jon, which I read he'd been doing on "Blaze of Glory" but apparently Chris has to leave Dallas before the night was over...oh well.


{S} said...

You are so blessed to attend all these concerts girl!
Would you hate me if I told you I was in the front row of a Bon Jovi concert?? (opened by goo goo dolls, I think it was 2003) Smack dab in front of Richie. I was amazed at how small Jon is in real life! Whatever, they put on an awesome show!

Thank you for your sweet encouraging words earlier. I truly appreciate you.

Sherri said...

glad it was a great concert. I will not comment on the fact that you didn't have a camera! : (

Laurie said...

WOW!!! I've only seen Bon Jovi once but it was awesome!!! I'm so glad you had a good time!