Thursday, April 17, 2008

Alone in the office

This afternoon has so far gifted me with 78 minutes of peace and quiet, for I am alone in the office. One of our trucking vendors lost a pallet of freight, this being the second one in recent days, so my boss and co-worker have gone to a meeting with the powers-that-be to basically tell them that they're not doing a very good job. Knowing my boss as I do, I assume right now that she is still yelling at them. This seems to be her favorite way to communicate.

I actually got bored with surfing the internet for a bit, so I broke the silence in the office for about 20 minutes and used our paper shredder. My 20 minute task resulted in 5 Office Depot bags full of confetti which will be taken to recycling at the end of the month. Now back to the silence.

I applied for 3 jobs online yesterday, while my boss was out of the office for a doctor's appointment. I'm so disgusted with working here, and I my pocketbook is growing tired of forking over so much money for gas. I paid $33.40 this morning to fill up my Versa. I read an article today about gas prices and some people are expecting them to hit $4 a gallon soon. what will people do when gas gets that high? I can already see how it's affecting prices for everything else; groceries, travel, etc...basically 80% of our lives are a slave to oil and gas in some way. I drive 28 miles round trip to this job I dislike each day, and it's starting to really seem ridiculous. However finding something closer to home is not proving so simple.

We're set to receive some more storms this evening, just about a week after the bad storms that blew in and caused so much damage and power outages in this area. Thankfully my home and neighborhood were not affected by last week's storms too terribly bad, but in Texas you never know when it's going to be your turn. I think storms at night are scarier than in the daytime because you just can't tell what's going on around you.

On a positive note, I only have 150 days before my San Francisco trip. : ) Next week we're *hopefully* going to see Van Halen; the rescheduled concert is 1 week from today. I haven't heard of any further delays since the undisclosed "illness" so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Then in May we're going to see The Police. Nick's sister bought him tickets for his birthday. This weekend is the first of the Dallas Summer Musicals we've got tickets too: The Wedding Singer. It's going to be an entertainment-filled season.

I wonder how many more minutes of peace and quiet I will enjoy today.


Cindy said...

I'm sorry to hear that you hate your job. Just be careful. You're next job could end up being worse. Trust me, I know!

Laurie said...

sorry about the job, I hope you find something awesome soon!!