Tuesday, May 6, 2008

American Idol

Poor Jason....the doobies got the best of him finally and it royally stunk up the stage. Hasn't stopped me from voting for him though, because apparently there are tons of people out there who are determined to keep David Archuletta around regardless of how much I dislike him. So I am forced to vote for Castro even though he clearly could care less and can't remember half of the words to his songs. Paula told him tonight that he "blows her away", but given the amount of fluff residing in her head I'm not sure that is really a compliment.

David Cook is still my favorite and although I was not a fan of his Duran Duran I liked his second song despite having never heard it. I still can't figure out why it's called "Baba O'Reilly". Why not "Teenage Wasteland"? Is that too obvious? Oh, BTW, David, keep the facial hair. It's an improvement.

Syesha did okay again; not great, but not terrible. She had a tendency to scream a bit during "Proud Mary" but she typically does that at least once per performance so it was nothing new. I definitely don't think it was a night to send her home on, so I've been voting for her too.

Crapuletta sang more ballads full of love and sap and then tried to tell us that he was performing his first love song on the show tonight. HA! Whatever. So he's gaspy, squinty-eyed, annoying, AND he thinks he can trick us. Save it dude, I still dislike you. Randy, on the other hand, wants to have your babies.

Forty-two minutes left to vote for Cook, Syesha, and Castro. Better stop typing and get back to it.

OH, if anyone has Tivo out there and you recorded the show, do me a favor...fast-forward to the end where they "recap" the songs and tell me if I was just imagining that they showed twice as much of Archuletta's songs as they did Jason's. I promise, Archuletta's first recap was longer than both of Castro's combined. Tell me the producers don't rig it...whatever.

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Sherri said...

I missed it again. 3rd week in a row. Thanks for the recap. Jason really wants to be gone. But I'd rather have ANY of them than Archiletta. He can sing but annoys me too! But all the 12 y/o's are voting for him. Cook is the best and I will buy his records! Now that Michael is gone, I just don't care that much anymore! We went to the STeamboat ride at Caddo Lake. Took my aunt and uncle that are here from California. They loved it. I highly recommend it.