Friday, May 9, 2008

Some days are better.

Yesterday was one of those days that didn't really need to start until about 5:20 when I left work. Everything before that time was pretty much an annoying cluster of annoyance, anger, boredom and patience-testing. Once I got home it was fact the episode of Survivor last night made everything that happened yesterday disappear. That was the best piece of television brilliance I've seen in a while.

Today has been better with only one minor flaw, which I was able to ignore by standing in the hallway until my co-workers stopped yelling at each other. Literally yelling. I know, so professional. I began my morning with a job interview (woo-hoo!) that went really, really well. I hate it when they go really well because I get this overly-optimistic feeling and then if it doesn't pull through I'm left with a huge let-down. At least if they just go ok then my hopes are too high before the decision is made. I know, it seems backwards, but I'm trying not to think about it. In fact I'm not even going to tell you what it was for unless I get the job.

I logged in to my bank account this morning and was quite surprised to discover over $3000 in there...until I realized that our tax stimulus money had arrived. I promptly transferred it over to our savings account. This is the money that we'll be using to pay for our new shower. So thank you Mr. Bush, for sending me money when my shower decided to start leaking. Good timing for once.

We paid off another small debt this morning, which leaves us with my eye surgery, our mattresses, one credit card and my car. If we stick to our debt snowball the way we've got it all laid out, we should be debt free except for our house in 17 months. That's so cool.

Tonight the girls are getting together to assemble the Senior scrapbooks we've all been working on. I managed to throw together 15 pages last night! i'm not finished yet, so after we assemble what we've got done I'm going to have to bring hom the books so that I can insert the pages I'm finishing up tomorrow. Once I have that finished, we have to clean the house to prepare for company on Sunday. We're having a big Mom's Day cook-out for my mom and Nick's mom. Should be lots of fun, but i really need to go to the grocery somewhere in all this too. It's going to be a busy weekend.

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