Friday, June 13, 2008

I just don't get tired of being right.

The receptionist at work is, um.....well, she's young and has blond moments. Yesterday for example, she had just finished opening the Office Depot order she placed the day before when I walked by. She was staring at the white boards she ordered for one of the shop guys with a puzzled look on her face so I asked her what was wrong.
"I ordered 2'x 3', but these are 24"x 36" and that's a little bit bigger than I thought they would be."
Yeah...I was actually quite difficult not to laugh out loud. I had to explain to her that 24" is two feet, and 36" is three feet, so she got exactly what she ordered. The response I got in return was one simple word.... "Really?"


Today she brought back an envelope I had set out to mail a few days back. She prints all the postage for the office on one of those fancy postage meters, but she printed this one wrong, again. This is about the 5th time that this particular company's mail has come back. I always put their invoices in a large envelope because there are too many of them for a small envelope, but she fails to enter into the meter that it's a big envelope so they always come back "postage due". Today I explained to her that it was a size issue and that she needed to enter the envelope size into the machine...and she argued with me that the size didn't matter; it was just the weight. This required me to go online and print the size guidelines for first class mail and prove to her that indeed, when it comes to the US Postal Service, size does matter.

i'm happy that people in my daily environment can provide some light-hearted comedy for me.

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