Thursday, July 31, 2008

A few random thoughts

-I'm growing my bangs out. Well, I say that with confidence, however since I was old enough to care about my hair I've never actually managed to grow my bangs out. I always get to about nose level and decide I can't take it anymore. I am currently at nose level.

-Why don't more people recognize Bruce Wayne when he's Batman? It's not like everyone has a mouth like that...despite changing his voice a little bit when he puts on his costume, it's so obvious. This annoys me.

-I think that people who are going through major life changes, such as divorces, should keep their personal life to themselves when they are at work. If you work in an office with cubicles that allow for absolutely no secrecy when you are speaking at a regular volume, you should especially be discretionary about your personal life. I've been through a divorce, and even if it wasn't your fault it's not necessarily something to boast about either. Some people....ok, one person, in my office needs to learn that. Not everyone wants to hear about that, especially not 4 times a day. Shhhhhhh.

-Even though it takes a couple of weeks to get used to, sugar free jelly is just a good as regular. Since it's healthier, it might even be better. Stick with it - you'll get used to it, I promise.

-When you accidentally step on your cat's foot, she doesn't want to be picked up and hugged while you apologize over and over to her. All she's going to do is bite you on the nose and hiss at you. It's a different story if you step on the dog though. She'll hug you right back and probably lick your nose in a way that suggests she's apologizing to you for being in the way. Dogs are nicer than cats.


Sherri said...

So very true about cats and dogs!!

Laurie said...

amen sista!!!

{S} said...

LOL!! I prefer low sugar jellies and jams, I can't stand man made sweeteners of any kind. Plus, the process the product goes through to get the sugar out of a natural source such as strawberries or grapes.. only to add back a fake alternative. UGH. No thanks.
I do not like Christian Bale as Batman, Micheal Keaton was the best.
Good luck with your bangs.
And ya,it's so true, dogs are way more forgiving than cats.