Monday, July 28, 2008

Rockin' Weekend

This weekend was super busy. On Saturday we went to see Foreigner and Bryan Adams. We had purchased lawn seats for $5 last month during the Chicago/Doobie Brothers show. When we got there we were told that since the show didn't sell out, we could move up to reserved seating! Score. We got to sit in some pretty decent seats...actually the closest I've ever been at that particular arena. Bryan Adams was awesome and Foreigner was as well, although I don't know as many Foreigner songs as I do Bryan. It was by far the best $5 I've even spent. We didn't get to bed until after 1 am, so that made for a very long day.

Sunday we headed to my Dad's so that Nick could work on their computer. It's old and kind of a piece, but he was able to make some corrections and remove some stuff to help optimize what power it possesses. I think he wants to get them some more RAM though. After we left there we headed back to the Center for the Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick concert! A friend was able to score some tickets even though the show was long ago sold out, so we staked a claim on the lawn this time and enjoyed some awesome music. I wasn't too thrilled about Cheap Trick, even though I knew more of their songs than I thought I would. Heart was amazing and there is nothing like hearing Ann Wilson sing "Alone" live. Wow! Journey was phenomenal!! It was an awesome night and I have tons more photos on my Flickr site, so you should check them out.

Of course that meant another night of not getting to bed until after 1 am, only this time I had to get up at 6 am this morning and I am here to tell you - that was no easy task. I ended up leaving work early today because I couldn't shake the dizziness. Tonight will be an early bed night for sure.

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Sherri said...

you guys have been concerts queen and king lately. glad you enjoyed it.