Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I saw a naked man today.

I know that you are extremely curious about the title of my blog, but you're just going to have to wait until the end for that story.

I had a pretty bad day. Nothing totally over-the-top, but enough to make it one of those days I could have done without. The whole day wasn't pointless though. Things actually didn't take a turn for the worse until around 1:45, so actually I think it's unfair to label the whole day as bad; however since nothing overly great happened before noon I can't really give it full credit as a joyous day either.

My boss was meeting with me in his office about some collections calls we needed to make, and as I was getting ready to walk back to my desk he informed me that he'd been told about some changes I had made to the filing system. Apparently someone complained about the way I reorganized something because they liked their way better, so he wanted to make sure that I didn't do that anymore. . I know what you are thinking. Are we still in high school?? Apparently the someone couldn't just come over to me and ask that I put things back the way she had them, or even ask if I was the one that made the changes...she ran straight to him and tattled. Good grief. It's a filing cabinet. That really rubbed me the wrong way. I'm an adult. I'm an easy person to get along with. Just ask me not to do that, or give me some random 15 minute explanation about how you are the most excellent filer in the world...whatever. It's a filing cabinet, and quite frankly I don't care.

Fast forward to 4 o'clock. There is another girl in our office that I have decided must not like me. She's never really all that nice to me, which is okay because frankly I don't really care for her. She spends an awful lot of time whispering and gossiping about people in the office. I think that's just sad. Around 4 she walks by our cubicle area, and in turn she asks each of my cubicle mates if they'd like one of the cookies she was carrying to the break room. They each decline, and she walked away. Um, hello?? No, I didn't want one either, thank you very much.

I was ready to go home. Today was a work out day and I was preparing myself to really get after it on the machines (which I did, and I'm actually hurting a little bit tonight.). I changed into my work out clothes and headed out the door. I was almost to the door of my car when I realize that my neighbor across the street has stepped out of his garage in his underwear. Boxer briefs....no kidding. I found that a little bit odd, but had I known what was about to occur I would have been thankful for the underwear show. I proceeded to back out of my driveway, pondering why on earth that man was walking around in his underwear, and I happened to be pulling out in the direction that cause the driver's side to be facing his driveway. That's when I saw it. He was now walking across the doorway of his garage from his driveway NAKED. We're talking full frontal nudity. So instead of enjoying stress-relief during my work out, I spent 30 minutes trying to erase the vision that was so graciously bestowed upon me before I left the house.

I have been completely traumatized today.


{S} said...

Whoa! I mean OMG!! WHY?! your poor sweet little eyes!!
I hope tomorrow is better.
As for the office chicks, Eff'em! You are so much better than that!

TammyB said...

Oh my - I'm sorry Brandy but I can't stop laughing at that last paragraph!! Reminds me of the time I opened the vertical blinds in an apartment only to see the neighbor in back whip "it" out and take a leak.

Laurie said...

what in the world was he doing?!? UGH good thing it wasn't a kid outside. As for the office girls.....what S said =o)