Sunday, September 14, 2008

12 hours

In 12 hours I will be arriving at the airport to leave for SanFran. I feel that 4:30 AM is way to early to have to be anywhere, but since it's for something that freakin' rocks I will live. I'd say I'm not looking forward to the long flight, but I'm flying first class and intend to enjoy every single luxurious second of it. Well, as much as you can enjoy being hurtled through the air at 600 mph in a long silver tube.

I finished packing except for the toiletries. It would be so nice if I could buy all new toiletries just for the trip, because then I would be completely packed and wouldn't have to worry about getting everything I need at 3:00 AM while I'm trying to get dressed and remain asleep. Maybe the excitement will be too great and I won't be so tired. I'm tired right now, I know that.

My allergies are driving me nuts today. I have sneezed at least 450 times. I've been counting. Just kidding, although I might not be too far off. I have taken meds and so I can't breathe and my head is fuzzy. What a fabulous way to start a vacation. I am hoping the cooler weather and different environment of CA will be nice to my sinuses.

I got a new cell phone a couple of weeks ago when I finally reached my upgrade date.. Nick got a Blackjack 2 for work and I started to lust after his phone. Pretty soon I had convinced myself that I too needed a smartphone so I can access email and internet anywhere. It's so convenient to be able to update my Facebook profile from where ever I am. I feel quite sure this was the thinking behind putting internet on a cell phone. I confess to you that I'm totally addicted to it now and will not ever go back to a regular cell phone. It's too much fun with this one. My phone is pink and his is blue. I promise not to flush this one down the toilet...or at least try not to.

So the dog is with her grandmother, I remembered to pack underwear for both of us, and now all I have to do is wait. I'm sure you'll get updates this week from me, so be prepared!


{S} said...

I hope you have the best time ever in San Fran!! You'll be so close to me! I'll be thinking of you!
Be Safe! (((hugs))))

Laurie said...

Have a wonderful time!! I can't wait to hear all about it and see your gorgeous pictures!!!

cute phone =o)