Wednesday, October 29, 2008

4 more last night

I carved #s 7, 8, 9, and 10 for myself last night. In all we've done 25 as a family. We have 15 more and our 40 will be complete...and we have 2 nights to accomplish that. I saved a pretty difficult one for tonight and one for tomorrow night, so I'm not sure that I'll get 3 or 4 done. Depends on how long they take me. I'm hopeful though. My poor hands are so tired! I am going to a scrapbook retreat this weekend and I'm not sure I'll have enough motor skills functioning in my hands to do much, but it will be fun to hang out with the girls anyway!

Here are the 4 I did last night:


TammyB said...

OMG - they just keep getting better and better! I wish I lived closer so I could see these in person. I bet your yard is amazing at Halloween. I especially like the skeleton eating the mouse :)

{S} said...

I couldn't imagine carving that many. Ours are small to medium scale, I doubt any of the detailed patterns would even fit on them. LOL! I'll probably wing it this year as usual.
I really like what you've made so far.
What do you use to light them? regular candles or little lights?

VexedAngel said...

ooooh!!! The skeleton eating the mouse took me a second. These are so intricate!