Thursday, October 30, 2008

7 last night! For real!

Somehow I managed to do 7 pumpkins last night. Oh my goodness. I am tired. My poor right arm is aching like no other....but it's so worth it.

Here you go:

This on is a pumpkin inside a jail.


{S} said...

OMG!! Those completely ROCK!!!! The one in jail is such a fun idea and the vertigo one is so unusual but awesome! You've got a Hitchcock theme going on! LOL! I love the huge spider on the house... Bravo Brandi!!

TammyB said...

Great work :) Now you should tell us how you do this. We bought one of those carving kits years ago when they first came out, but I can't imagine you doing all this work with one of those little pumpkin saws.

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

These are just amazing!!!