Friday, October 31, 2008

Crossed the finish line

We completed the pumpkins last night. 48 in all....I did 24 of those myself. I am tired. I'm not sure my right hand is properly working and I've already had to correct 3 typos in these first few lines, LOL.

It was said in my comments that someone couldn't imagine us doing all these pumpkins using just those little jigsaws in the pumpkin carving kits from Wal-Mart....yet that's exactly what we use. No joke. They are perfect and were made for carving pumpkin flesh. To do the designs where you just cut away a portion of the flesh but not all the way through, I used an exact-o knife-like tool. But other than that, we use cheap plastic handled jigsaw thingies. No kidding. See?

Yesterday on my lunch break I decided to go to Wal-Mart abd buy 8 more pumpkins, since we only had 4 left to do last night. That brought our grand total to 48, and sometime around 11 I wished I had only bought 6 more because I would have been finished. It's all good though - Halloween is only once a year.

So, enjoy the 6 I did last night and please check out my Flickr album to see everyone's pumpkins. My sister-in-law did one last night that took her 4 hours....and it's amazing!


TammyB said...

Awesome! All your pumpkins are just amazing :)

{S} said...

Fabulous Brandi!! you've got true Halloween Spirit!
Happy Halloween!

VexedAngel said...

I showed your pumpkins to one of my coworkers today, but for some reason, I thought you had a Dremel! I will have to tell her on Monday, she will be even more impressed!


Fuzzy White Dogs said...

Do you make your own patterns? The "vote" one with the silhouette of each candidate is very cool! Ever make one of somebody you know personally?

Sherri said...

your pumpkins are always amazing!! I can't imagine what the entire house would look like with all those pumpkins lit up! wow. very fun. vote one very unigue