Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Before you were born.

Last Friday night we spent the evening hanging out with Nick's uncle and his cousins, Jared and Kelsey. They are 11 and 8, respectively. Kelsey is obsessed with playing with Nick. They played dominoes all night, both the correct way and several of Kelsey's inventions which didn't always work out correctly. Jared spent the evening forcing me to play Guitar Hero on expert (I usually play on hard) and generally kicking my tail. It's ok, I can say it, although I feel like I must point out that I beat him 4 times. However that's not the point of my post.

We were playing One by Metallica when I uttered the most depressing phrase. When i was in high school, the summer between my freshman and sophomore years actually, I went to see Metallica in concert with some friends. So I told Jared about that. He thought I was uber cool, of course, and I think I gained some points with that story. However I ruined whatever great feeling I had about that when I said,

"Yeah, but that was back before you were born."

Before you were born.
He. is. 11.

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Sherri said...

LOL! Good laugh from that post. Kids have a way of making us seem old!