Monday, October 20, 2008

I need another weekend to recover from the last.

This weekend was non-stop full of events and shopping. It was NKOTB weekend but that was just a highlight in a fun girl weekend.

Heather and I went to the ballet on Saturday night (after shopping all afternoon of course) to see the Texas Ballet Theater's tribute to men at war set to the music of Mozart's Requiem. The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra provided the music along with the Schola Cantorum. The music alone would have been worth the ticket price. The Requiem is probably my favorite classical music. When I was in high school we performed a selection of the songs and ever since I have been in love. I stil remembered most of the words and found myself trying not to sing along. To make it better though, the men of the ballet theater performed a tribute to the soldiers and their moves resembled fighting and courage, resilience and strength. It was just awesome.

Sunday we saw Nick and Nora's Infinte Playlist. it was pretty funny; a good teeny type movie with a happy ending. I'd say it was worth the $4.50 matinee price. I purchased a few Christmas gifts during the weekend and a few things for myself. Then we headed to dinner at TGI Friday's in West End and the restaurant was full of women heading to the concert as well. Some people were wearing home-made NKOTB t-shirts, some were wearing t-shirts they've probably had since 1990, and some were actually dressed in 80's/early 90's garb. It was a sight.

The AAC was FULL of SCREAMING women. I have never in my life heard such a roar of excitement. It was deafening, and I could barely hear my friend next to me. The guys performed for 2 hours, jumping around and dancing like they were still teenagers. It was awesome!! We screamed and danced and jumped around too. I took a lot of photos and even some video, but seeing as I got in so late last night I haven't uploaded them to my computer. Trust me, I'll share. It was hands down the best concert I've ever been too and the most fun I've had at a show ever. If they came back next week, I'd go and do it all over again.

NKOTB pics coming later, promise!!!

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Fuzzy White Dogs said...

I can't wait to see the concert pics!! What fun!