Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've been tagged...........

Thanks Amber! It's actually been a while, so I suppose it won't kill me to play along, right?

1. Where was I ten years ago?
Let's see, that would be October 1998. I was living in Fort Worth, working at Lane Bryant and had just met and started dating the loser I would end up marrying in 1999. Actually, I can get really specific and tell you that it was the day before I got engaged to the loser I would end up marrying in '99, because he proposed on my mom's birthday which is tomorrow. Yeah, we had a quick courtship, which should serve as a warning to all of you out there. Oh, ok, sorry, the bitter train is leaving now.

Wait, on more thing, to my past self: Say no! Say no!!!

2. What was on my To Do list today?
Go to work, try to ignore my tummy rumbling because I started the Curves diet thing yesterday, do some sort of exercise when I get home, wash some laundry.

3. What would I do if I were a billionaire?
Did I win the billions or did I earn them? Or wait, it doesn't matter. First I'm going to quit my job, because I'll be too busy having my nails done and eating bon bons to mess with the 8-5.

I'd give lots of money to my church, pay off our house and my car and then buy a new house and a Smart Fortwo just for tooling around on the weekends. I would pay off mortgages for my friends and family just because I could. I would put aside enough money for my little brother and my niece to go to any college they wanted to. I would travel, travel, travel, travel. There is a pretty large list of places I want to see before I die, so I'm going to help the struggling airline industry with my billions, LOL. (Oh, only first class you know....)

Since I'm a billionaire, my new house is going to have the coolest media room known to man and will be the ultimate spot for playing Guitar Hero....and Rock Band. I'm also going to have my own full-sized skee ball lanes, probably 3 because that's a nice round number. We're talking the nice wooden ones, not those teeny ones at Chuck E. Cheese.

4. Five places I've lived:
Mt Pleasant, Texas
College Station, Texas
Hurst, Texas
Andrews, Texas
Killeen, Texas

5. Bad habits:
I leave not-quite-empty water bottles sitting around, which really annoys my husband.
I don't always put my shoes away.
I really enjoy carbs. Too much.

Ok, I fulfilled my tag duties. It is now my responsibilty to tag others....so I'm tagging Sherri, Tammy, Laurie, and Shannon. (ducks and runs)

On non-tagging related stuff....we went to the Alliance Airshow last weekend. We saw the USAF Thunderbirds as well as several dare devil pilots, a wingwalker, some old military planes, and a Navy and Air Force demonstration with the F15s and F18s. It was really cool and the weather was perfect for that. I even ended up a tad bit red from the sun, but just on my arms and part of my legs, mostly on the left side. I'm lopsided now and I have a farmer's tan.


{S} said...

you did not just tag me!

LOL!!! Hmm, maybe I will fill it out.

Sherri said...

learned lots. fun.
Thanks for tagging me. ha. done it before but may do it again.
I so wanted to go to the air show but the weekend was just too full. I love air shows!! see ya in a week or so.