Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Expense Report: the Fair

Yes, Sherri, I seriously spent a ton of money on food at the fair. Let me break it down for you, and that way if anyone is preparing to go to the fair themselves they can start saving their pennies now and come next year when they've accumulated enough.

Bear in mind that we spent 2 days at the Fair.

Oh, and 1 coupon = 50 cents. I'm going to refer to most things in coupons instead of dollars because that's how the fair does it, for the most part. I think this is because most people aren't mathematically minded, so they don't change the coupon totals to dollars when they're standing in line to purchase something. Also, we paid for one day's entrance into the Fair. The second day we got in free with our The Color Purple tickets.

Admission for 2: $28.00
Parking: $10.00 (we paid one day, our friends paid the other)
Sweet teas purchased at the Food & Fiber Pavilion: $1.00 each x 3
Food to feed the animals in the petting zoo: $5.00
Cash total: $46.00

Fried S'mores: 10 coupons
Fried Banana Split: 17 coupons
Fried Cookie Dough: 11 coupons
Chicken Fried Bacon: 5 coupons (actually 10 coupons but we split this with a friend)
Fried Truffle: 7 coupons
Fried PBJ&B: 10 coupons
Corny dog: 26 coupons for 3
Hot dog: 10 coupons for 2
Hamburger: 10 coupons
Tator Twisties: 9 coupons
Drinks: 9 coupons for three
Ferris Wheel ride: 24 coupons for 2 people
Texas Skyway ride: 24 coupons for 2 people
Coupon total: 190 coupons @ 50 cents each = $95.00

Total $$ spent: $141.00


Fuzzy White Dogs said...

LOL I love it! Sounds like you headed straight for the health food booth! So.. what does fried cookie dough taste like?? Inquiring minds want to know.

{S} said...

:~O that's insane!! I can't believe it was so expensive... maybe they charge for the oil it's fried in. LOL!!

Sherri said...

fbp&j - I know you are not kidding. OMG!! They will fry anything! Was any of this good????
wow is all I can say!
at least per calorie it's real cheap ha ha