Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fried this, fried that...a blog about the State Fair

This weekend we went to the State Fair of Texas not once, but twice, and I'm probably not better for it but I had fun anway.

Saturday we went with another couple to enjoy the delights (insert: fried food) of the fair. I'm not sure why it's so much fun, but I do enjoy going. For those unfamiliar with our state fair, you can learn more by visiting the link above, but I'll tell you that the most important draw to the fair, for most people anyway, is the fried food. Each year there is a fair food competition and although it's not specific to frying foods, that seems to be the popular thing to do. This year the chicken fried bacon and the fried banana split were named Best of the Best at the competition. Other entries available included fried s'mores, fried truffles, fried pineapple ice cream, fried cookie dough, fried peanut butter & jelly & banana sandwich, and Texas Fried Jelly Belly Beans. We tried everything that has a photo...and I have to say my favorite far and away was the fried s'mores, but the cookie dough was a close second. The bacon was delicious, but you just can't beat chocolate in a competition like this. Of course I had a corny dog and some tator twisties too. This weekend was not about my diet. All food was shared between friedns though, not all consumed by me. I'd be dead had I eaten all that by myself! LOL

Besides spending over $100 on food (I'm not even kidding about that) we rode the Texas Star Ferris Wheel (a must) and the Texas Skyway tram. We walked around the Midway and watched the rides, but I didn't feel much like paying $5 for 1 minute of terror wile I was being flung around in the air. We enjoyed looking at the arts and crafts people made and submitted, we watched an amazing pumpkin carver (really more like a sculptor), and listened to some good live music including Kellie Pickler. She's amazing live.

Sunday we went by ourselves, mostly because we were able to get in for free. Our last musical of the season, The Color Purple, was showing that night at Music Hall and you get into the fair for free with a ticket to the show. Although I didn't feel great, we went anyway, and it was fun. The musical was amazing. I didn't sleep well though on Sunday night and ended up stuck in bed all day Monday with a sinus infection that is still plagueing me today.
For a look at all my fair photos, visit this Flickr album.


{S} said...

Great photos! Scary foods. Ugh. LOL!!

Sherri said...

you seriously spent $100 on food at the fair!! wow!! I'm scared to try half that stuff!

Cindy said...

I have good memories of the Texas State Fair. My hubby and I went the weekend he flew to Texas to meet me. On a funny note, myy dh who loves all the scary roller coasters that I will not ride, hated the ferris wheel at the Texas. Riding that ferris wheel scares him.