Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bras for the cause.

We held a little contest to raise money for breast cancer month at my local Curves. You had to decorate a bra any way you wanted to and then bring it in to Curves. They were hung on a clothesline, and ladies could vote by placing money in an envelope for the bra that they liked. The winning bra designer would get a big pink Curves bag, a 32 ounce pink drinking bottle, and a pink t-shirt. The club goal was to raise $200 in votes and the owner would match whatever we raised. Our total monies raised in voted was $278, so we did really well.

Oh yeah, and my bra won.

Now, for some comparison fun!!
Here's a pic Sherri took of me last weekend at the scrappin' retreat:

and this one is from January 3 of this year:Self-portraits generally aren't flattering because you get that awful neck/head turn thing going on, but it is what it is. Big difference huh? I like it.

Look, the bangs are grown out! Shhh..don't tell my hair.


Sherri said...

and WHY didn't you model that bra for us?!?!?!?

VexedAngel said...

COOL BRA! Congrats on winning! :-) Sounds like a fun contest.

Thank you for the comment on my WW post! I am hanging on by my fingernails--have already made a sizeable dent in my bonus points and it is only day 2 of the week. sigh. But I will be going to work out classes this weekend and will work this back out. Thank you for your support!!!!!!

TammyB said...

Congrats on winning! Now I want to know if you actually wear it? LOL :)

{S} said...

Cool bra!! congrats!! Do you get to keep it?