Monday, November 17, 2008

I have bronchitis.

Monday has not been a great day. I stayed home from work today, and after a visit to the doctor he informed me that I have bronchitis. What a great day! I just took my first round of antibiotics...I hope they kick in soon because my whole body aches. Maybe I should take some ibuprofen as well.

I won second place in our company's chili cook-off on Saturday. That landed me a $50 Mastercard gift card, which is pretty exciting. I was quite pleased with myself considering that I've never made chili in my entire life.

Saturday night we went to see The Eagles with my dad and stepmom. What a fantastic show!! They played for three hours. I had been told that they were being very strict about cameras so I did not even take mine with me. I figured it would be best that way. What an amazing show though. Their voices sounded amazing...the harmonies were spot-on. There was so much talent on the stage that night.


{S} said...

Get better soon!! Congrats on the Chili win! You must be a fantastic cook.

Sherri said...

very cool. $50!! good for you
I guess you will have to make chili for the next retreat!