Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Project365 2008

I did it. Well, not quite completed it yet but tomorrow is the final day of my Project365, which was actually a Project366 this year with February 29th thrown in the mix. I can't believed I managed to take at least one photo every day.

Some days it was easy, since we did something interesting and photos were a natural part of that activity.
Other days required thought, since nothing of major interest was going on.
Some things happened that were actually newsworthy, and I was fortunate enough to get a shot of them.
There were plenty of nights when at 11:50 I realized I hadn't take my photo yet, so I had to force the cat to pose for me.
There was even a celebrity sighting. (Yeah, that's Michael Cera back there.)

My Project365 photostream is quite interesting. There are 20 shots of cats, 12 of dogs and one vulture. I took 14 photos of my feet or shoes, 6 self-portraits, and 16 shots with Nick in them. I took 21 photos from my car, either while in motion or stopped. Thirty-six of my photos are about food.

I've definitely enjoyed the project and am contemplating continuing on through 2009. It's neat to look back because even on the days when nothing extraordinary happened, I can look at the photo I took that day and remember at least a little bit of what my day entailed, like my own little history book.

Take a peek at the entire photostream.


Laurie said...

I'm thinking I might try this for 2009...seems so intimidating!

{S} said...

I'm doing it this year, I singed up with a group the other day to help keep me motivated. Congrats on completing it.

TammyB said...

Congrats on your Project 366! I, too, am starting this year.