Thursday, January 1, 2009

Farewell 2008

We had the best New Year's Eve! We actually went out and did something this year, rather than go to a friend's and take the low-key approach. Every year the Dallas Stars play at home on New Year's Eve, so we decided to go to the game with some friends. They played the New Jersey Devils and won 4-2. I've never been much of a hockey fan, but Stars games are so much fun!!

After the game there was going to be a huge gathering/party in Victory Plaza, just outside the American Airlines Center. A few local bands played and at midnight there was a fireworks show. It was crazy crowded...thousands of people. I've never been in a crowd quite like that before but it was probably as close to being in a Times Square type of setting that I'll ever be.We listened to Professor D, a local party band, do covers of popular songs until the countdown.It took us a while to make our way back to our car through the millions of pieces of confetti and beer bottles thrown about. We headed back towards home but no one was really tired so that called for a 1 AM run to IHOP. I think we crashed into bed sometime after 2. It was a long night but super fun.Our first photo of 2009...and it's blurry. This is what happens when you hand your camera to someone who really doesn't know much about photography. Oh well; it's still cute. I had to stick my arm out at the last second to stop this big huge guy from stepping into our shot, BTW.


TammyB said...

Happy New Year, Brandi! Your pictures are so fun - the fireworks turned out great :)

{S} said...

great pictures! happy new year!