Friday, January 2, 2009

Orange Christmas balls

I made a decision this past holiday season. I have always decorated my house with snowmen at Christmas. Nothing but snowmen....ornaments, stuffed snowmen, snowmen pictures, snowmen snowmen snowmen. People buy me snowmen stuff constantly, which is actually quite annoying because I'm pretty picky about my snowmen. Over the past couple of years I've stopped setting all of my stuff out. It's just too much work and quite frankly my poor little living room is just not large enough to be crammed with more junk for a month.

This past year I really scaled it back. I didn't even put all of my ornaments on the tree (although that was partially due to the real tree's inability to hold heavy ornaments, unlike my faithful artificial tree that remained in the attic this year). I actually went through all of my totes of snowmen and took a pretty good-sized box of stuff to Goodwill and gave my mother a whole box full of ornaments that I was tired of looking at.

So, back to my decision...I've been lusting after all the bright funky ornaments in store shelves for a couple of years now, but I had this whole snowman thing going on....until 2009. Next Christmas, my tree will be blue and purple and pink and aqua. I have been on a little shopping spree since the Christmas clearance sales kicked in, buying all sorts of brightly colors Christmas balls and beads. Today I was browsing Hobby Lobby, which really was a big mistake because there was a ton of stuff I wanted to buy, when I came across these:Couldn't you just die?? Look at that color!! They're matte, and kind of satiny, and just beautiful...and ORANGE!! I couldn't find another box of them, and it wasn't for lack of trying. So to my pink and blue and purple and aqua tree I will be adding these 6 orange balls. I love them. I will find more by next Christmas. It's my mission.


Amber said...

I can't wait to see it! You know you will be my hero with those colors!!!

Laurie said...

I love those balls!! I took an idea from Darcy and put my snowmen out after I packed up my Christmas stuff this year. It's kinda cool to still have the house decorated.

{S} said...

I can totally relate to the snowmen, it was like that for me when I collected Coca Cola stuff. I'm still given little trinkets here and there, but not nearly as much since I sold a majority of the collection.
I LOVE orange, it is energy! they will look great with the other colors you will be using next year, and I am sure you will find more.