Saturday, January 31, 2009


Nick has been ranting about having an exorcism in the house for weeks now. We've acquired so much stuff in the course of being married that the closets are all full and the empty bedroom that will someday be a nursery (hopefully) has become the junk room, a place where everything gets thrown that doesn't really have a place to go. Why do we need all this junk?

Another area that really needed attention was out closet. Over this past year Nick has done an outstanding job of losing weight. He was wearing XL shirts when I met him, and now he is buying mediums in some things. I'm very proud of him...I wish his willpower would rub off on me some. Not that I haven't been doing a good job, but my results are not as swift as his. I think that is just a male/female difference, but I sure wish it was transferable.

I didn't get to go through my clothes because Nick was hogging the closet all day. I think he tried on every single shirt he owns. We now have three 40 gallon garbage bags full of his clothes that no longer fit. Three!! You should have seen the mountain of hangers. I don't see myself running out of them anytime soon. It feels good to get rid of stuff that is just sitting around.


Laurie said...

WTG!!! and wtg Nick on the weight loss!!!

Sherri said...

when you loose weight, you get to get new clothes too! congrats to Nick on loosing weight and cleaning out the closets. Just wait till you've been married 28 years!! That's why my word for this year is declutter! but exorcism works too

TammyB said...

Congrats to Nick on the weight loss. I wish I could get David to go through his closet. I'm about ready to do it for him.