Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pleasant surprise

Yesterday evening we got a call from Nick's uncle John asking him if we could come to his house today at noon. He wasn't specific on the reason why; he just said he needed us to be there. We agreed and spent a few minutes speculating what could be up. The only logical conclusion to come to was that Nick's Dad was making a surprise visit from Montana. Sure enough, when we walked through the door John greeted us both with a big hug and Joe, Nick's father, came walking around the corner. As it turns out Joe's father-in-law had passed away. They live in Wichita Falls, and since he was only a couple of hours away it made sense to drive down here to see his family. They don't get to come down too often. Montana is a long way!!

We spent the afternoon playing Wii. I seriously need one. Nick's grandparents eventually joined the party and we showed them how to Wii bowl and we played some pretty intense games of tennis. Nick and Joe also went at it on the boxing, which was hilarious to watch!

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