Friday, March 13, 2009

4 years

Yesterday Nick and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. We had quite a lovely little day. When I got home from work I was greeted by four gerbera daisies on my kitchen table and a card with a little puzzle inside...which led me to hunt for a gift that was hidden in the house. Nick loves to do little things like this rather than just give me a gift. This wasn't the first time I'd been sent on a scavenger hunt of sorts to locate a present he had purchased for me.

I should note that my dear, detail oriented husband special ordered these gerbera daisies from a local flower shop just for me because they didn't have them in stock this time of year. He knows they are my favorite flower.

My search led me to my jewelry armoire where I found a tiny black box waiting for me. Tiny black boxes hold the most fun gifts, in case you didn't know. This is what was awaiting me inside:
Happy anniversary to me!

Tonight we went on our date to celebrate. We opted for Boi Na Braza, a Brazilian Churrascaria in Grapevine. It was so good, but as usual at places like this I ate way too much. (Is there such a thing as too much filet mignon and top sirloin??) This just so happens to be the most expensive meal that Nick and I have ever eaten....but oh-so-worth it. If you ever get a chance to go, I highly recommend the caramel cheesecake. My mouth is watering just typing the words.


{S} said...

how sweet! happy anniversary!!

VexedAngel said...

I love anniversaries like that! hee hee Sounds like you guys had a lovely time, and Nick is very sweet!


TammyB said...

Happy Anniversary!

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

Happy Anniversary! days late but the sentiment is real