Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm alive

I've been quiet not-on-purpose since my last post, which given the title and state of mind I was in I wonder if anyone thought I might have actually ran away. Rest assured I did not.

My boss allowed me to have my very own temp all last week, and boy did she help. I put her to work on a lot of tedious paperwork that had been piling up during my lack of free time to do it. I think it took her three days just to do that one pile. She was a big blessing and that enabled me to have a little bit smoother week. I'm told on Friday that they hired a replacement for the guy they fired, and he will be starting in two weeks. I just need to keep it together until March 23rd and hopefully he'll pick up things really quickly and can pick up the slack. If not, I might just decide to fire him myself.

I am kind of bummed that none of us got to be a part of the interview process...we didn't even get a quick introduction nor did they show him the office where he would potentially be working. I find that odd, since we're the people who have to work with him and not the guy who hired him. The guy isn't even in our same building. I just have to have faith that all will be well.

It's kind of getting springy around here, which is nice. Home improvement projects have begun. Yesterday I pulled everything out of our shed (literally) and laid it all in the back yard. Then I began adding shelving, rearranging a poorly placed sheet of pegboard, adding hooks for the ladder and weed-eater, and organizing the things that needed to go back in there. We ended up with a very large pile for the bulk pick-up trash day coming up and also filled the back end of Nick's Pathfinder with stuff that we dropped off at Goodwill. I've been taking so much stuff to Goodwill lately. I probably could have had a pretty decent garage sale, but I just lack the desire to go to all that trouble.

Now that the shed is in order, and it's as beautiful as a shed can possibly be, I am going to clean out the empty spare bedroom that has become the "junk room" in the house. We never open the door because that room is just a mess....and it's driving me crazy because I know what is lurking in there. It's time that room was presentable, or at the very least functional.

Today we're installing a new water heater because the one we currently have was installed in this house in 1981. I'm totally not kidding. It still works, but it's a disaster waiting to happen. We had the funds to take care of it, so I figure a new one is only going to help things, right?

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TammyB said...

So glad to hear that you finally got some help at work! Spring cleaning can be the pits but it's so refreshing to look at the end result. I need to do the same thing you did to the shed but it's our pool room that needs some major help. The chemicals and floaty toys are just thrown in there whichever way - it's a total mess.