Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Because you're hungry for details...

Ok, I've teased you long enough without details, my bloggy friends, so now I will share more. You can imagine why it's been so difficult for me to blog lately when the most important thing going on in my life wasn't public knowledge yet and was the only thing consuming my thoughts. It makes complaining about work seem ridiculous.

Let's see...well you know I started taking Metformin for my PCOS on February 10. Just two days later I was feeling the familiar twinges of an ovary pain that might indicate ovulation...so I took an ovulation predictor test and it was positive. Wow. That was fast. I took another the third day and it was still positive. I can definitely say that Metformin worked in my case, don't you think?

A couple of weeks later something inside me decided to take a pregnancy test. I knew if it was positive it would be way, way early, but sometimes you just have to follow those urges, right? It was faint....so faint that I was even in denial that it was a plus sign. I showed it to Nick and said "It's never looked like this before." Trust me, as some one who has peed on her share of sticks I knew this one was different. I told Nick that I was going to wait another week and take a second test....which I promptly took the next day. It was darker. This all happened around February 25.

We had one epeisode of bleeding, enough to be scary and when the clots came too we were instructed to immediately head to the ER. I've had a couple of vaginal ultrasounds, which at the time didn't confirm or deny anything because it was so early that nothing should have been seen. We only had a bleeding scare that one day, and since then everything has been progressing fine. My doctor prescribed Prometrium to make sure my progesterone levels stayed elevated. We had an ultrasound when I was around 5 weeks which confirmed the presence of the gestational sac. I won't get to go for another one for a few weeks, but all of my numbers indicate that the proper levels are going up as they should. I've become a professional at having blood drawn.

Vaginal ultrasounds hurt, by the way. They checked on my ovaries while they were rooting around and apparently my ovaries are set way far out there, moreso than most people's, so they practically had to shove that camera through my back to see my ovaries. It was painful; I've never felt anything like that and just thinking about it now makes me ache. When they were just looking at my uterus it was fine.

So that takes care of the technical aspects.

Emotionally and physically I've been doing well. The mornings are the worst times - I'm really nauseous but so far haven't vomited. I definitely have the heightened sense of smell. Certain foods have lost all appeal and others are all I want. I think I could eat fried rice and orange chicken from Panda Express for every meal. Last week all I wanted was Taco Bell, and this week hot sauce is disgusting so that rules out any Mexican foods. For some reason everything I crave is fast food with the exception of Kraft macaroni 'n cheese. It's strange that if I'm feeling the least bit nauseous even someone talking about food can make me turn green, which my poor husband just doesn't understand. He's been instructed to make whatever he wants for dinner each night and I will either participate in the meal or I won't. It's not something I can plan in advance anymore. I think he's getting the hang of it.

I have been somewhat emotional but not too bad. I don't think so anyway, although I did cry during a recent episode of The Biggest Loser and it was probably more tears than necessary. I will admit to a little irritableness but nothing too terrible...not in my opinion anyway. (Honey?)

So officially I am 7 weeks, 4 days along according to my measurements at my 5 week ultrasound which gives me a due date of November 13. (Yeah, it's the third Friday the 13th of the year. Woo-hoo.) It pains me to say that the pumpkin carving this year will probably be significantly less than last year. I'll look like a pumpkin by then, so I probably won't feel like carving as many.

I am so happy that the news is out and I can blog again freely! Yay.


Stamps meet INK! said...


you could PAINT your baby belly like a pumpkin! :D LOL ;)

I'm so happy for you both!!!

{S} said...

so awesome chick! really, really awesome! I will continue prayers for your pregnancy to progress smoothly and healthy.
I laughed at your mention of turning green at the suggestion of some foods. I was that way with Dylanie. No one could mention Chinese food around me. I'd literally gag. Geo loved to say it to see me gag, and show it of like an acquired skill to others. All I wanted with her was Mexican food and fresh Peaches, her Birthday is November 15th. ;~)
Elly.. Meat and apples is all I ever wanted. She is exactly that way now. LOL!!
Take good care of yourself! Rest a lot too. (((hugs)))

TammyB said...

I'm am so happy for you! You will be a great mom :) I craved chinese food with Bryan and Taco Bell with Brandon. Weird how stuff like that works.

Sherri said...

awesome!! I wondered what you meant on my comment on my blog by 'my condition' and decided I needed to check you blog. Wahoo! I'm so happy for you both. That medicine really worked wonders!

Laurie said...

WWWOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!! SO stinkin excited for you!!!

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

i know I dont talk to you much anymore but I want to say How happy i am for you. That is the best news..... been on the PCOS boat myself --is not fun! but i am extremly happy for you now. Awesome God--Amen!
Bfae (from about)