Saturday, April 4, 2009


If TMI is not what you are looking for...well then find something else to read. You've been warned.

Thus far I had managed to avoid the puking parties. I've had nausea in the mornings but it's been subsiding around 10 and then I felt pretty good the rest of the day. Thursday changed all of that. I ate an eggroll at lunch (I still have a hard time saying the word outloud...) which promptly came back up around 3. That was no fun. I figured it just means I should steer clear of eggrolls, as if I was going to have any choice now. The rest of the evening I didn't feel great, and I even had a little diarrhea, but no more vomitting.

Yesterday the same thing happened. Lunch came back up at 3:30 and I knew when I was finished that I wasn't finished. When I got home from work I laid in the bathroom floor for a little while and eventually gave up to go to bed for an hour or so. That was long enough to finish marinating my next round of puking, and it was a doozy. I again was met with my diarrhea friend as well, and then later in the evening I threw up once more. Friday was not a good day.

I woke up this morning at 5:30 with a rumbling tummy. I was hungry, which is totally understandable because my digestive system hasn't been this cleaned out since my colonoscopy. I braved eating a half cup of cereal and went back to bed. Up again at 8, ate some more cereal, and now I'm just sitting, waiting, trying to figure out if this is going to stay down. I feel sort of okay, not great.

I kind of hope that I just have some sort of little bug and that this isn't pregnancy related at all. Can I at least pretend? I don't want to lose my lunch for the next month. That's not going to be fun.


Laurie said...

sounds more like a bug :( I hope whichever it passes quickly!!

VexedAngel said...

It's such a blessing, though. (((hugs)))

{S} said...

ya, I'd say it's more of a bug or food disagreement. It'll pass and you will forget these days. :~) At least the icky feeling.

Sherri said...

it will all be worth it!! hang in there.