Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fuzzi Bunz

I made the decision to cloth diaper a little while back. I like the idea of buying a stash of diapers that will last you through your entire diapering experience, I hate the thought of filling up a landfill with so many diapers, and Nick and I were both allergic to every brand of disposables when we were infants so that was probably going to be my luck anyway.

I knew cloth diapers have come a long way since I was pooping in them. My Mom had those big white cloths and safety pins. Yikes. Cloth diapers these days actually look like diapers, and they make some that don't even require plastic covers. How about that?

The brand I plan on going with is called Fuzzi Bunz. They have great reviews from many websites that I've researched online. I placed my first order last night for 7 diapers. Fuzzi Bunz come in two types - the Perfect Size and the One Size. Perfect Size are what we've decided to go with, although I think I'm going to order a couple of One Size and see how I like them. I also plan to order a few Bumgenius in the One Size to see how I like those. I think a variety will be good so that I don't buy 24 diapers that I hate and I'm stuck with because they were $18 a piece.

I'm pretty excited to get them in the mail and see how the look in person, feel, etc. I just need aa baby to test them on.


VexedAngel said...

Good for you, going with the cloth diaper, I admire that! I don't think any of my IRL friends are doing that, and I would like to think I could, although I don't know. :-)

Laurie said...

they look cute! I didn't use cloth but back then there weren't as many to choose from. But on behalf of Mother Earth.......thanks!! :)

Sherri said...

way to go green. you could always get a liner, I think they make them, that can go inside the cloth diaper so the clean up is a tab bit easier.

Angy said...

Brandi, love your updates as well. I will be adding photos to my blog soon. We just haven't taken any yet. But we were discussing one thing we wanted to take photos of last night. Will be cute I think. And maybe we can even take some of the church services.

I love the cloth diaper thing. We were going to do that as well but it was very difficult finding a place to get good ones (not the old ones you were talking about) but nice ones like you are going to use. Caleb had allergic issues to diapers and wipes so cloth would have probably been much better for him.