Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This weekend we saw Fiddler on the Roof with Topol, the guy from the movie. It was fantastic!!! Wow...I loved all the music (I was surprised at how many songs I knew that I didn't realize were from Fiddler) and the dancing was incredible. Someone told me Topol was 74. Amazing to be doing what you love for so many years of your life...we should all be so lucky. I think this has to rank up there in my top 4 favorite musicals so far. Next weekend we see Happy Days.

Painting on Saturday did wonders for my hands and feet. They were so swollen on Saturday night! All I could wear to church on Sunday morning was flip flops. They've since gone back down to normal human size, but that will teach me to stand for 6 hours straight, right?

Last week my brother called to tell me they discovered they are having a boy! I'll have a nephew to go along with my sweet little niece....so you realize what this means, right? I need to have a girl! Kylie has a pretty impressive wardrobe of adorable little frilly outfits that they will not be able to use for the new baby....which means I would be more than happy to take those garments off their hands. Consider that not all that long ago Nick's uncle gave us two very large boxes full of little boy clothes that I could pass on to Jason, and it makes perfect sense. Now if only Mother Nature will agree with my plan...


Molly said...

He's 74?!? WOWZERS! I LOVE that show! As a funny aside, Sarah's friend was spending the night. They watched High Society, then West Side Story and didn't want to go to bed on a sad note so they watched "Fiddler" hhhmmmmm yeah don't understand the logic of that one at all! (((((HUGS)))))) B!

Laurie said...

So glad to hear you loved Fiddler..I've never seen it. Sounds like an awesome plan with the clothes and babies :)