Thursday, June 18, 2009

Achy fingers

Sleeping is becoming increasingly less fun. It's not that I am not tired because believe me, I am. but the more this baby grows the more uncomfortable it makes laying down. I'm almost at the point where I have to buy a little step stool to get into our bed. We bought a king size bed a couple of years ago with this big fat mattress which means the bed is quite tall. I always knew it would become a problem once I was with child...and it already is.

The thing is, I don't even look all that pregnant yet. It's getting there, but some of these issues I'm beginning to have I was expecting when the belly was sticking out a few more inches than it is now. I had no idea that bending over would start to get uncomfortable at 12 weeks. Our loveseat no longer wants to offer assistance when I try to get up, so now I'm resigned to just sit on the couch only. I was actually sore from bowling on Tuesday night, and I've never been sore from bowling before. It's so strange how different my body reacts to the same things now that it's growing a human.

I think it kind of surprises Nick too. He's said on more than one occasion this week: "You're only 19 weeks!" I guess he was expecting me to start having movement problems farther along. It's definitely an adventure for the two of us.

Back to sleep though. It's very difficult to get comfortable now. Every website and all the books keep saying to sleep on your side...left side is best. What they don't tell you is that you will wake up in the morning without any feeling in the arm that you've been laying on all night because you cut off circulation to that limb. They don't tell you that your shoulders will hurt from being hunched down all night. They recommend a body pillow for support, but don't explain to you that it will cause you to sweat profusely all night because you are constantly hot.

I miss laying on my back. Thank goodness I wasn't a stomach sleeper before.

The swelling thing blows my mind too. I went on a walk with Nick's mom and grandmother one night last week. Nothing too fast, just a slow walk aroun their neighborhood but it was a little over a mile. By the time we got back around to her house my hands were swollen and my fingers looked like sausages. I went in the house and sat down for about 30 minutes, put my feet up, and the swelling just melted away. It was the darndest thing.

I just can't wait to see what's around the corner for my ever-changing body.


Jenn said...

I feel ya sweetie! I still have my pillow wedge if you want to try a little incline. It helped me 'cause I was able to sleep on my back a little. Let me know. Good Luck!

Molly said...

I know it doesn't help but I went through the same things and can totally relate to your feelings. I think somehow the sleep thing is in preparation for the 1:00 a.m. feedings. The long back body pillow does help so perhaps it's worth looking into. Your comment about your arm being asleep when you wake up cracked me up because I STILL have that problem sometimes! Here's to all the exciting and positive changes to your body that you can look forward to, most importantly the BESTEST feeling of all - the baby moving! ((((HUGS))))

{S} said...

Wow! All your symptoms are those of later in pregnancy. Everyone is different though and you have waited so long for it, you just may be getting an extra dose. ;~)
I have to admit though, it's definitely making me wonder how things will be once the baby is actually at the point of 6-9 months. I predict your blog will become very humorous then.
BTW, I slept on my left side and back all 4 of my pregnancies.

TammyB said...

I'm so sorry your having sleep issues. I am a stomach sleeper so both my pregnancies made it difficult to find a good sleeping position. I can't offer advice but just think - soon there will be a new little person and you'll forget all the troubles you had getting them here!

Sherri said...

ah, the joys of pregnancy!