Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girly girl

I'm excited that we are having a girl, mostly because it confirms that I was right all along. I just had this feeling, so had the tech told me "boy" on Monday I would have doubted her abilities. But....there's this nagging little thing in the back of my mind. This little issue that is kind of bugging me already and making me a little antsy.

Figured it out yet? No? It's pink.

Don't get me wrong, I like pink. I own plenty of things that are pink. I have some cute pink heels that I can't wear right now but they're fun and funky. I own pink clothing items. Pink doesn't necessarily make my skin crawl...except when it makes me skin crawl. I think it's the pastels.

I plan on trying to combat that. Look at this super fun stuff that I found!

Eek! The first three I found at The Retro Baby. Please feel free to buy me many things from there if you are in a shopping mood. They have the coolest baby clothes and they have a ton of Dr. Seuss clothing items!! None of those pastel butterflies and flowers garbage. The other two I found on Yahoo images so I didn't pay attention to the store. Aren't they fun??


Molly said...

Those are so stinkin' cute - especially Horton! But be careful that she doesn't blend into the walls of her room and you can't find her! :-)

{S} said...

you crack me up! i was the exact same way with Elly! Pink is not a fave of mine so it was a struggle, she looked best in lavender and sage green anyway. I absolutely love the things you have found so far. Very cool clothes!! That Dr. Seuss onesie can be a pillow when she grows out of it. ;~)

Angy said...

I am so with you on the pastels. I would love to have a baby girl dressed in pink - in THEORY, that is. But, ARGGGHHH, I hate pink and pastels. Now, navy, greens, blues - sometimes even the pastel kind, those I love! Good luck and have fun shopping for the good stuff.

BTW, since you are the mom, you get to set the tone for what she wears! Enjoy it while you can.