Friday, June 26, 2009


It's been a bad week to be a celebrity. First we lost a beloved sidekick and Star Search host, Ed McMahon, followed by Farrah Fawcett. Since things tend to happen in threes, I guess the rest of the Hollywood elite can remain calm for now...because Michael Jackson was #3.

My mom is a huge Michael Jackson fan, and she cried yesterday when she heard that he had passed. We owned a VHS of his movie, Moonwalker, that we watched so many times I am sure the tape stopped working after a while. I had it pretty much memorized. I can remember staying up late to watch Friday Night Videos before we had cable and being terrified everytime they'd show Thriller, but I'd keep watching even though I kept covering my eyes. (I hate the part where the zombies chase her into that house!! Being chased is one of my biggest fears.)

I prefer to remember Michael as he was back "in the day" know, when he still looked like himself and less like Latoya. Once he became so strange he became more of a tabloid circus than the entertainer I loved. I guess we can only ever speculate at what he was thinking through his life that sent him into such an alternate place. He basically became an entirely different person. I wonder if he ever mourned for the person he lost through his transformations and if that mourning led him to keep altering himself in search of the person he would never be able to find again. Rest in peace Michael. Your transformation is over.


Molly said...

Very well said and some great photos too, Brandi!

{S} said...

a very nice tribute post.

Laurie said...

your words are exactly how I feel. and OMG I used to stay up watching Friday night videos too!!