Friday, June 12, 2009

Nursery Progress: The lines have been drawn.

Last weekend I made some serious progress on the fact, all the lines are complete! Yay for me.

Here are the final characters in all their defined glory:
Yertle the turtle turned out quite cute. I thought about painting him green or something but he's white in the book and I wanted to stick with the original design. I had to freehand all the lines on Horton. The black Sharpie did not show through that gray paint. I think I did quite well though.Sam I Am and the other guy...what's the other guy's name? I can't remember. At any rate they are a cute pair.Here's what the whole wall looks like. I will photograph the whole room once I move the furniture into place and get things a bit more organized in there.


Laurie said...

I am in awe!! it looks amazing!

TammyB said...

Wow - it's so awesome! So how about an update on you? How have you been feeling, etc?

Molly said...

In awe seems to be the general theme! WOW! And I LOVE the turtle blue! Such a gorgeous shade!

VexedAngel said...

That's amazing--you are so talented!!!