Thursday, July 23, 2009

Belly button

VBS is over and now I can relax at night. It's a lot of work running around and snapping photos. Last night was the final evening and I think I snapped close to 250 pictures. It was by far the most, but I was trying to get as much as I could before it was all over.

Tuesday night was the final night of bowling, and my team redeemed our pitiful performance from last week to kick Nick's team's hiney. Sweet victory. He claims that all that matters is that he beat me, but deep down I know that he would have liked that team win as well.

Tuesday night my little one finally stretched her little legs up into the area of my belly button and proceeded to kick me directly in the belly button all night. She repeated this on Wednesday night. None of her kicks or movements have hurt so far, but being kicked from the back side of the belly button is not pleasant. It can actually make you cringe if you're not expecting it. She also retaliates if I lean against a counter by pushing away from the object trying to invade her space. Can't say that I blame her though.


Molly said...

Oh she's being a stinker already? I guess she wants to remind you who's boss :-) Well I hope you enjoy all the good kicking! It's such an amazing feeling, the best part of pregnancy, if you ask me!

{S} said...

isn't that the most incredible feeling ever?!

Laurie said...

I agree, those are the best parts of being pregnant :)