Sunday, July 19, 2009

Please don't go, girl!

I spent Friday night with my boys again...the New Kids on the Block. My first groupie love. I had the poster, I knew all the songs. I even bought their very first album which really in truly stunk. I had the Christmas album too! I saw them back in October with a group of girlfriends during the first leg of the reunion tour, and it was by far and away the best concert I had ever been to. Not because of the musical talent...I've seen far more superior singers and performers. But the energy, the screaming girls, the excitement, the feeling of being 12 years old again when your crush takes the was awesome.

I got to relive some of that on Friday.Every girl had their guy picked out. Some preferred the bad boy, Donnie. Others liked the sweet, shy Jonathan. Some girls went straight for the lead singer with the killer falsetto, Jordan. Some girls even went for the ugly one, Danny, probably because he could dance. Not me. I was a Joey girl, all the way. He was the subject of my one and only New Kids poster. He was the youngest, the cutest, and if you asked me the most talented, never mind that I think he hit puberty sometime between their first and second albums. I was loyal.We had heard rumor that during the show one of the guys would be standing on a platform about 30 feet from where we sat. Only one though...I had a 20% chance of it being the object of my childhood crush. Close enough to him that he seemed like a real person, not just a tiny figure on the stage or TV. Thirty feet. Could I be so lucky? All of the sudden, the flashes began from the stage and up the side wall, where obviously one of the guys was being escorted to that little platform 30 feet away. You could follow his progress, until suddenly....THERE HE WAS. MY Joey!

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VexedAngel said...

ROFL You are adorable. :-)