Friday, July 10, 2009

State Fair Photography

Every year I tell myself that next year I'm going to enter photos in the State Fair photography contest. Every year I forget until it's too late to submit a photo because I miss the deadline, which falls in the summer and the fair isn't until October. This year I barely remembered that I needed to check on the submission deadline, which turns out to be July 31.

Criteria state that I have to use a photo that I've taken within the last 18 months, and I can only submit two photos. I started looking through my Flickr site to decide which photos I want to consider submitting...and I turn to you, my friends, to give me your opinions. Just breifly I've picked a few that I think might be contenders along with the category, and I'd like to know which ones you think I should submit.

K111. Texas Action/Sports

K114. Texas Skies-Sunrise/Sunset/Weather ?? (Not sure about the category.....but it's the only one that seemed to fit.)

K114. Texas Skies-Sunrise/Sunset/Weather

K109. People-One or a group

K105. Flora-Vista or K113. Texas Scenery-Landscapes or Waterscapes (Landscape? What is Flora-Vista?)

Or maybe you see another photo in my Photostream that you think I should submit. Keep in mind that it has to be taken sometime between February 2008 and now. Let me know...I want your opinions!

I can submit up to an 11 x 14, minimum size is 5 x 7. I think what I'll do is order a copy of each photo I'm contemplating in an 11 x 14 size, and then see which one looks best blown up at that size. Sometimes that can totally change a photo.


Amber said...

I like the horse/flag one! The shadows are way cool.

Molly said...

Oh wow! That's a very hard choice as they're all amazing. I do love the shadowing of the rider and the flag in the rodeo(?) one though! :-)

Jenn said...

I love K114. The others are great too, but that's my fav. Good Luck!

TammyB said...

Oh decisions, decisions......I really like the shadows in K109 but I love the colors of the sky in K114. I think it's a good idea to order the prints and see what they look like at the larger size. Best of luck!

Jamie said...

I choose K114. That kind of shot of the shuttle is hard to get, and I love it!