Monday, July 6, 2009


What is it about impossibly small shoes that makes me squeal??I've been pouring out the bags of clothes that we brought home this past Friday from my niece's former wardrobe. Geez that girl had some clothes. Did you know it's possible for a single baby girl to own 75 pair of tiny pink pants, all which are slightly different but at the same time very much the same? I was unaware.

I'm very grateful for all the hand-me-downs. I'm having a blast digging it out and sorting everything by size. I've already started putting the newborn to 3 month sized stuff in her closet, arranging the shoes, filling the sock drawer, and stacking the other sizes in piles in both the crib and in totes that I bought at Lowe's today. Kylie was born in January, so she was a winter baby too, which works out pretty okay for the size/time line.

Speaking of the closet, do you like the shelves and drawer/basket thing? I installed that configuration myself last weekend. I decided that one simple bar across the closet was not going to cut it for all the clothes I'd need to hang in there. I already had the shelf piece that I hung on the door but it was not being used, so now it's housing tiny baby shoes. Yes, that is a green stripe behind the top row of clothes, if you are wondering. When I demolished the bar and shelf that was in the closet, it left large areas of no paint where everything had been painted around it. I had the green paint leftover from the mural, so I painted a stripe big enough to cover all the unpainted areas. It was a lot easier than repainting the entire closet.

You will notice one thing from all these photos though....everything is impossibly pink, especially in the newborn age-range. I'll use it - I'm not that ridiculous. But I'm going to have to register for and purchase some darker colored items to mix in there or my head might explode. For those of you planning to purchase anything for my little one, please keep that in mind. You wouldn't want to be partially responsible for my head exploding. You'd feel bad.

Anyway, the closet is coming along. I think I've opened all the bags that were labeled newborn to 9 months so the rest of what I have left, which is a lot, is going to be 12 months plus. That stuff will all be put into the totes for now. I have noticed that the larger sized stuff tends to be less pastel pink that the smaller outfits, so I'm grateful for that. Perhaps there is just more color variety for bigger babies than newborns? I'll have to pay attention next time I'm at the store.


{S} said...

holy mackerel!! Little Brandi is set for life already!! LOL!! One thing I had to have for Elly was chucks! I got her hot pink hi-tops. And I loved them despite my allergy to pink. ;~) Your feelings will change a little once she is here at least it did for me.

TammyB said...

You really scored!! You'll be thankful to have so many of those little pants on hand when she has an accident or pukes all over the place - LOL :)

Molly said...

Wowzers, how did you time that so perfectly? To be next in line after a baby who had all that and more? The shoes are soo sweet. I remember two instances distinctly when I was pregnant and just started crying in a store. One was when I saw the itty bitty little Pampers and the other was when I saw an itty bitty little onesie! :-)

PixelRich said...

You are so like your mom sometimes. You're nesting. Nursery room all done, all planned, clothes, shoes, etc...

lol- I remember that. Way cool !!!