Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's in the details

I promised some wedding photos when I got them edited, and although I'm still working on that I thought I'd share a few that were not really people shots but detail stuff. I like those kinds of images from events. You're going to remember the people usually, but how often will you remember the details?

Take for example the oreo truffles I made. I've still got a few in my fridge...shhh...Some of Vickie's work friends decorated the gazebo the rented for the occasion. This cake topper was ordered online. It's ceramic and so beautiful. She even made sure to order the proper hair colors.This is the groom's cake. I know what you are's looks delicious, right? Let me just tell you that delicious doesn't begin to describe this cake. It was basically a death by chocolate sort of recipe. The baker even used dark chocolate to make the ganache that he drizzled over the whole cake. Dark chocolate. My mouth just filled with saliva.Nick's sister carved a special watermelon just for decoration for the table and also carved out the watermelon basket below. She rocks the carving. Vickie has a great collection of old hats that used to below to her aunt and really wanted to wear one for the wedding, but she just didn't have the right color. I ended up finding this one the morning of the wedding while we were walking around the antique mall. It was perfect!Vickie and Bill knew each other in high school, so their table was decorated with some photos from those days.


Molly said...

Okay my thoughts are: oh yum, oh wow, oh how beautiful! And yes, my mouth is watering too - the cake must have been out of this world! And yay you for your very beautiful and generous donation of the oreos! They look awesome!!!

{S} said...

wow, gorgeous cakes... I'll have to try the oreo truffles someday.
Hey, maybe we will actually have a wedding someday too! {sigh}

Sherri said...

what cool carving on the fruit! love it. great flowers too. nice pictures.