Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Redneck Day

For the past two years we have gone to the Great American Truck Show in Dallas. My mother-in-law works for a company that does invoicing for trucking companies, and her company always has a booth at the show so she gets to go for free and takes us with her.Trust me, I don't belong there. I have no business being in a convention center full of big rigs and booths about big rig parts. I know nothing about them other than I hate driving next to them on the freeway but they sure are pretty when they are all shiny and clean. I enjoy the free pens and goodies they give away at the booths.
The most enjoyable part of the show for me is looking at the big trucks on display. Trucks are entered into competition and earn trophies based on different categories, some of which I noticed were for their shininess and paint jobs. There were several trucks with multiple awards. Anyway, it's like a dog show for rednecks.I like looking at the paint jobs. They are so pretty, and with a canvas as big as these trucks you can do a lot. Last year there were some really cool paint jobs with air brushed images, but this year they were pretty straight-forward in the colors and designs. I always pick out the truck I'd want to drive, if I had to choose one. My choice is based solely on the prettiness of the truck and has absolutely nothing to do with its engine, speeds, gears, towing capacity, etc. I'm a girl.
I chose this one this year:


VexedAngel said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, actually! (I like the pink & white one best.). :-)

Stamps meet INK! etc. said...

LOL - oh dear! ;)

{S} said...

LOL!!! ok, that was random!
I hate driving next to them too & Our freeways are congested with them!