Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall = Must see TV

Fall is quickly approaching, and while I should probably be freaking out more because of all the changes that are coming into my life, right now I'm just super excited about all of my TV shows coming back on.

Project Runway premieres tonight, and if you have never watched it before you should check it out on Lifetime. I LOVE Tim Gunn. I want to kidnap him and have him follow me around all the time. He's so much fun.
Top Chef: Las Vegas premiered last night but we didn't get to watch, so we'll probably check it out tonight while waiting on PR to start. We love Top Chef. Nick feels the need to describe his dishes that he makes to me using terminology that these professionals use. He doesn't know what gnocchi even is, but he likes to call stuff gnocchi.
The Biggest Loser premieres September 15th. We just got into this one last season, but man were we hooked. I'm still mad that Helen won, but I'll get over it eventually.
Survivor will start up again in September at some point...we make sure not to miss that. It's addicting and fun.
Did you catch Lie to Me last season? It came on Wednesday nights and I really, really loved it. Season 2 premieres September 28th and I'll be sure to catch it. Tim Roth plays the lead character and looks eerily like my stepdad, only British.
We LOVE The Big Bang Theory. You must watch it if you've never tuned it. Season premiere September 21st. It's hysterical! I want my own Sheldon as well as a Tim Gunn. I think the two would get along most of the time. After TBBT, we catch How I Met Your Mother. Also a recent addition to our TV watching line up, it's become a favorite. Nick even ruled out the baby name Stella because Ted was dumped at the altar by Stella on the show. He holds grudges.
That's my current list of must-watch TV. I lost interest in CSI when Gil Grissom left. I have been told that Glee was hilarious and I need to check it out, so I might have to add that to the list. Geez...I'm going to make good use of my DVR once this little baby girl enters the world, aren't I?

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{S} said...

i LOVE you!!! Seriously this is so freakish! I was JUST remembering (as I got ready for the day) about how I used to be so excited to go buy the TV Guide with all the new fall line ups and descriptions etc.
We watch the same shows chick! I was just getting ready to check when BL was starting. That is hands down my #1 favorite reality show. I've watched it from season 2. I was too embarrassed for the contestants to watch season 1. It seemed so demeaning, but once I got past my own issues with that I was hooked for life.
Project Runway and Top Chef tie for 2nd place with me, I love watching creative minds whip things up on the fly. It's awesome!
It took a little while for me to become a Survivor fan, but I've been hooked for the past 200 seasons. ;~)
Geo and I are Big Bang die hards. They have replaced "Friends" for us in a way. Sheldon is hysterical!
I missed lie to me, It looked like something I really wanted to catch. I'll have to get the first season through on demand. I agree with CSI is lost a lot of interest when Gil left. I think it's because I'm too impatient to learn about a new character in the middle of it all. I still recorded and watched the season through.
We caught the sneak peek of Glee and cannot wait for the season to start, OMG it's so funny! very smart humor. It's going to be a good TV season!
This has got to be the longest blogger comment ever! eeek!