Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I love you IKEA

Saturday after our ultrasound in Plano, we took advantage of our location and I introduced my mother, father-in-law and husband to the wonder that is IKEA. Can you believe I was with three adults that had never stepped foot in an IKEA?? What kind of world do we live in?

IKEA might not be the best idea for a woman on the verge of being 34 weeks pregnant, but it was so worth the achy legs and swollen feet. Not only did I find some awesomeness for the nursery, but IKEA sells the BEST dark chocolate bar I have ever had. They keep them right by the register and it was a last second add-on purchase. Best $2.49 spent all day I think (and that's for 3!!).

Here is what I found at IKEA for the baby's room:
It's a fish mobile!! Tell me this wasn't destiny? This mobile couldn't be more Dr. Seuss if it was licensed to Dr. Seuss. It's perfection...and it only cost $7.99. Look at her view! Hee! I love it...everything about it. I hung it directly from the ceiling with fishing line. I also found's a camel! HA! She has little stripy legs and over to the right side there, that little dot on the side of her face...yeah, that's a little pink tongue. LOVE. There was also a giraffe and I certainly wanted it as well, but given that I was also buying some shelving for the nursery I decided to just go with the camel. How often do you come across a stuffed polka-dot camel with stripy legs? I submit never! She was $5.99. They actually have a whole series of these super cute stuffed animals that you can check out here. Have I mentioned that I LOVE IKEA??

The shelf is hung and I have decorated it already, but I didn't take a photo of that yet. So you will have to be in suspense until I do. The nursery is coming together quite nicely, especially after baby shower #1 last weekend. We got a ton of stuff! I am still sorting through and organizing. It's truly a blessing to receive so many things from people that love you. I'll post pics from the shower tomorrow because there are some gifts that you simply must see. Some people really went all out!

OH...and about the IKEA virgins...well Nick and I spent $66. My mother? She plopped down $161 and would have spent $149 more had the headboard she wanted been in stock. I see more trips to IKEA in her future. You're welcome, Mom.


{S} said...

The mobile is PERFECT! what a great find!! I love IKEA too. For some reason Geo doesn't.... LOL!!!

Jenn said...

I remember my first time at IKEA too. It was magic! Love the mobile!

Sherri P said...

I'm am so going to have to go to Dallas and see this store.